We are so proud and happy when we receive a feedback, a kind comment on Social Media or a review on our Facebook page and Etsy store. We trust the quality of our products and use them every day but don't take our word for it, check our testimonials instead!

About the Tea Tree Solid Shampoo:

"Just perfect for me. love it. A great treat for myself. Thanks a million"

About the Kaolin Clay Soap:

"Great success for a gift"

About the Ylang-Ylang Shampoo:

"the purchase was for a vegan friend. She loved it. Got great compliments especially about the foam. Thanks a million, Justine"


I got the Orange and Spearmint shampoo from Justine .. firstly it smells so nice and fresh.. there is also matcha powder in it which I felt it left my hair very clean, nurished and protected.. my boyfriend has dermatitis in his scalp and he finds this shampoo very soothing and calming were other shampoos would leave his scalp dry and irritated.. Thank you Justine for such an amazing product 💕.. also there is no waste and so handy for travelling 🙂

Peti D.

I've been using solid shampoo for 5 years and I finally found an amazing solid shampoo that is made with great ingredients and leave your hair clean and fresh. Can't recommend enough the Orange and spearmint, love the smell. Can't wait to try the other one. Thanks a lot!!

Amelie G.

About the Grapefruit Body Scrub:

I just love this bar and it smells wonderful.

About the Orange and Spearmint Solid Shampoo:

I love this shampoo bar. It feels lovely to use & is great on both my hair & scalp. The smell is amazing too.

Nadine G.

About the Ylang-Ylang Shampoo:

Love it. Love it. love it

About the Kaolin Clay Soap:

This soap leaves your skin feeling soft and supple and not dried out at all. Fantastic quality.

About the Grapefruit & Rosemary Shampoo:

Great quality. Love the smell.

About the Grapefruit Body Scrub:

Great idea for a gift

About the Spirulina & Ginger Soap:

Wonderful product. love the smell. Last forever


I recently bought Justine's charcoal facial soap and one of her shampoo bars and I absolutely love them! My skin and hair feel and look great after using them for about two months and I still look forward to showering because of how beautifully scented they are! Justine's service was exceptional too - I had my order really quickly after ordering and they were really nicely packaged too. I look forward to trying out more of Justine's products in the near future!

Feefa D.

I purchased the Lavender shampoo and orange and patchouli soap and it was just the perfect purchase.The soap made my skin so soft and smelling so good. And the shampoo was just amazing. It leaves the hair so soft. Proof is, my husband was rubbing my hair and stated i quote « oh my god your hair are so soft, they are even softer than your skin » 😂
Thank you Justine for your advises it was really appreciated.

Gwen D.

I tried the soap shampoo, I have to say I love it! I feel like my hair is cleaner than with normal shampoo. The smell is gorgeous and it is very easy to use. As always Justine's soaps and soap shampoo are amazing!

Maud A.

About the Grapefruit Body Scrub:

A gorgeous soap with the most amazing sweet & refreshing smell. It feels lovely to use with a fine scrub & rich lather. Highly recommended.

About the Charcoal Soap and the Patchouli Face Scrub:

Very high quality soap with a wonderful smell. Highly recommended.

Nadine G.

Picked up the grapefruit scrub bar, it's fantastic!. Great to have a natural exfoliant and no longer having to use microbeads. Well worth the value. Very nice

Rebecca D.

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