Zero-Waste Kitchen

How do reduce waste in your kitchen?

10 easy switches for a more eco-friendly lifestyle

If you've been following my blog and Instagram account, you probably notice that I am trying to reduce the amount of plastic and waste in general.  In my 1st post, I explained what I've done in the bathroom, let's see the kitchen now! 

- A wooden dish brush, great to clean your dishes and far less disgusting than a sponge. You can even change the head. I bought mine on for 2,10EUR. 

- A DIY solid dish soap ("cake vaisselle" in French). I've tried to find a recipe in English but cannot find any unfortunately. If you're interested, let me know and I will translate the recipe I've found. - No plastic bottles. I currently have a Brita jug with the Brita filters you need to change every month. They are not cheap and..made out of plastic (but you can recycle the filters). I've bought this month a charcoal water filter and I plan to use it in a glass bottle from next month. According to the brand, it can last up to 3 months. You can then boil it for 10 minutes and use again for 3 months. After these 6 months, just put it in the soil for its nutrients or in your shoes as a deodoriser for example. I bought the stick at Stock in Dublin for 5.95EUR but you can order it online here: 3 sticks for 20.95£.

- A drawer full of empty jars. I reuse them to stock lentils, chick peas, leftovers but also herbs that I put in the freezer. You can use them also as a lunch box or to stock spices.  - A manual espresso machine. No need to buy capsules, just put the coffee straight in the pod. - Make your own bread and your own milk. 

- DIY laundry liquid, below with Aleppo soap. - Microfiber cleaning cloths. I bought mine at TKMaxx and Homebase but I am pretty sure you can find them everywhere. - Grow your own herbs for cooking. 

DIY Laundry Liquid

I hope these pictures and list will help you to start your zero-waste adventure or even if you already started but love to pick up new ideas. My kitchen is not fully zero-waste yet but I am working on it. Don't hesitate to share your tips or feedback in the comments!

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