What To Do With Okara?

The next step after making plant-based milk

9 Vegetarian and Vegan recipes to try today!

In my 2nd post in November 2017, I explained how to make your own almond milk. So you are in your kitchen, making for the 1st time your own milk and this is a small but sweet personal victory. Now, you look at the okara (for example the soya, almond or hazelnut pulp left) and you think “OMG What I am gonna do with that?”. This is probably the question we all had the 1st time... and also the question for the ones after when you run out of creativity. Unfortunately, I did not have the answer the 1st time so it went directly to the bin...what a shame really. I usually make brownies or cookies but let’s see what else we can cook!

Vegetarian Banana bread – The 350 degree oven Lasagna – Okara Mountain Tofu nuggets – Daily cooking quest Donuts – Super nummy

Vegan Brownies (the recipe I use all the time, I love it!!) - The conscientious eater Banana Muffins – Sandys vegan blogs and blahs Falafels – Japanese recipes in USA Sea Burger – Mary’s test kitchen “Crab” Cakes – Fat free vegan kitchen

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