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How to pack light and almost plastic-free | 14 cosmetics and accessories for your next trip

We start to organise our summer vacation and the Irish weather motivates us to book a few days in Spain every morning! Booking your holidays being the first step, packing your stuff is usually the second one. I usually pack light (or at least try), especially when I only have 1 cabin baggage.

Essential kit soap toothbrush coconut oil Shampoo

The essential kit: - A bamboo toothbrush. - Coconut oil - to brush my teeth, moisturise the skin. Can be also used to remove makeup. - Soaps- 1 for the face and 1 for the body, here the charcoal soap and the lavender soap. - Solid shampoo or Shikkakai powder. - Bamboo earpick called "Oriculi". - Solid deodorant -this one is homemade. - Sun protection (not on the picture) - I used to buy the Jason Family sun cream but I would like to find a zero-waste alternative. If you have any products in mind, please let me know :) - Reusable cotton pad -this one is handmade with organic cotton. ​- Hairbrush. - Menstrual cup (not on the picture) - if it is the time of the month obviously.

minimal waste travel beauty kit with vegan aloe vera, makeup and mouth wash

The non-essential kit: - Makeup (I often take 1 lipstick, 1 eyeshadow and a mascara) - here is 1 lipstick and 1 eye shadow from Benecos and mascara from Lavera.  - Mouthwash tabs. - Aloe Vera gel - Great to moisturise the skin, for sunburns but also works as a hair gel. I usually buy the one from Aroma-Zone (1L or 250ml bottle) but if you know the zero-waste alternative, same here, please let me know.

Regarding the soaps, coconut oil, aloe Vera gel, sun protection and soaps, I will take a small portion of each and store them in small jars/boxes. There is no need to bring everything :)

What do you pack in your beauty travel bag? Do you bring zero-waste and natural products?

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