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Minimalist Period - What to use?

Menstrual cups can be very convenient but are not suitable for everyone and every lifestyle. Let's talk about other alternatives!

Zero Waste Period

Reusable Sanitary Pads

They look like ordinary pads except you can wash them and use them for years! They are also plastic-free, really soft with the skin (Bye Bye rash!) and offered in different sizes, colours.

  • Pros: Easy to use and suitable for those who prefer sanitary towels. Some brands offer pads with lovely patterns and/or sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton.

  • Cons: You might need to invest in a pouch to store used pads when you are on the go.

  • Price: €17.50 - €23 for a set of 3 sanitary pads

  • Where to buy: Eccoverde, Reuzi, Little Green Shop

Wet Period bag for reusable sanitary towel

Period Panties

While I have been using cups and sanitary pads for years, period panties are fairly new to me. A friend of mine recently invested in period panties, and she is very happy with those! I've decided to buy one last December to give it a try. I bought the bikini model from Flux undies. The bikini holds up to 20ml (about 4 tampons).

Easy to use, you can wear them for up to 12 hours and then wash them. It is advised to rinse undies until the water runs clean. Different sizes and colours are available.

  • Pros: Easy to use. You can forget about your periods for up to 12 hours. Some undies are really lovely.

  • Cons: It is more expensive than the other reusable alternatives.

  • Price: €25- €40 each

  • Where to buy: Flux Undies, Modibodi, Thinx

Reusable Tampons

I've heard about this for the 1st time a month ago and I've never tried it. It seems it is really similar to reusable pads: you insert it, change them every 4-5 hours, rinse them with cold water, wash them. The extra step is to boil them for a few minutes after washing in order to get rid of washing powder residues.

  • Pros: Perfect if tampons are more suitable for you. Organic cotton is very sustainable and you can adapt the length of the cords.

  • Cons: You might need to buy a wet bag as well to store them when you are out.

  • Price: €20 - €25 for 8 piece-set

  • Where to buy: Eccoverde

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