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Last month, I finished a few ink cartridges and wondered where I should dispose them of. As I have an Epson printer at home, I’ve checked their website to see if for example, the cartridges can be recycled. I feel silly because I’ve never thought of it in the past but hey, better late than never. They have a free of charge program to dispose of our ink cartridges. You can either drop your cartridges to the nearest Epson centre (I was not able to find any through their website) or request free envelopes to send them by post, that’s the option I choose: here.

After a while, I finally received 4 free-post return envelopes and put 1-2 supplies per envelope as required. From my point of view, they should send bigger envelopes to hold more cartridges. According to the website, they will be recycled as made of PET material.

Epson is not the only brand offering this free program obviously. Let’s have a look at the other programs offered by the mainstream brands. I will focus mainly on the programs available for ink cartridges and for consumers/ Home offices. You can return genuine branded supplies only.

Brother You can order a free envelope on their website. It seems that they will send you only 1 envelope but it fits up to 5 cartridges.  

Canon They have a similar program and claim that nothing will end in a landfill. To recycle ink cartridges, you need to fill in form. Two free-post return envelopes will be sent to you. They explain on their website that these envelopes will hold between 5 and 10 cartridges each which is good news and better than the Epson’s process. It is recommended to send at least five cartridges in each envelope in order reduce the carbon footprint. Some supplies cannot be returned, the list of the item you can return is available here.

HP Among different services, it is possible to recycle HP and Samsung cartridges (Donate and return for cash services are not available in Europe). Here, you can return your laserjet and inkjet supplies. Same here, nothing will go to the landfill and you can order up to 5 envelopes to hold 5-10 cartridges (depending on the size). Some supplies cannot be returned, the list of the items you cannot return is available here.

Some companies and charities in Ireland also collect your ink cartridges: Infotone Dogstrust Inkjet Kavanagh (service is not free)

And what about the printer? You can recycle for free your printer (or any electrical device) at any authorised collection point. You can check the map available on to find the nearest point.

Also, if you buy a new printer, the retailer is obliged to take the old one. More details here. Any way, no more excuses for not recycling such items! How do you recycle your ink supplies? Do you use other ways?

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