How To Make Your Own Almond Milk?

An Affordable and Simple Recipe

Make plant-based milk in a few steps today!

Even though you're not vegan or intolerant to dairy products, such alternatives can be really nice for your porridge, cappuccinos, smoothies,... 

Unfortunately, these products can be expensive and impact your budget. It can cost up to 2.49EUR a litre for non-organic almond milk. By making your own, you can choose your almonds (preferably organic), know exactly what you drink and your wallet will thank you. It takes a bit of time but it is worth it.

Ok, I stop here and give you the recipe now :)

For 1 litre of Almond milk: - 200 grams whole almonds (preferably organic) - a pinch of salt - a pinch of sugar or a bit of Maple syrup - 1 litre water

1. Soak the raw almonds in water overnight/ for 8 hours in a bowl. 2. Rinse and drain well 3. Place the almonds into a blender and add the water, the salt and the sugar (or alternatives). 4. Blend for a least 1 minute.  (if you have Kenwood Smootie2Go -or similar blender-, you use select option “LOW” for 1 minute”, then the option “HIGH” for ten seconds and do it again). 5. Take a big bowl, a strainer and/or a piece of muslin (as you can see on the picture). The best is to have a nut milk bag but the muslin and the strainer work well. 6. Place the muslin over the strainer and the strainer over the bowl. 7. Pour the milk over the muslin and gently squeeze the muslin to release the milk. If you have a  strainer only, just squeeze nicely the crushed almonds with your hands. 8. Repeat the last step until all the liquid is in the bowl and the almond puree (called Okara) you have in your strainer or muslin is dry (or nearly).

After these steps, you can pour your milk in a jug or in a large jar. Store in the fridge for up to 4 days. Don’t forget to shake your jug/jar before using it as the mixture separates when sitting.

Regarding the almond okara, it would be too bad to throw it away as it contains protein, potassium and calcium. You can use it in other recipes (within 3 days, stored in the fridge) to make cookies or brownies (for example) but you can also dry it in the oven or even freeze it. I've personally never tried this last option but I often use the opportunity (or excuse maybe) to make vegan brownies.

Hope you will enjoy this recipe. let me know if you tried to make your own almond milk and what do you think about it.

Update - 19/07/2019: I wrote this post when I was vegetarian and now that I am vegan, I am more familiar with vegan sources of Calcium. We have to be careful with the intake of Calcium and unfortunately it seems that it is wiser to buy also plant-based milks enriched with Calcium.

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