How to Keep Your Shampoo And Soap Bars Longer?

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Switching to solid cosmetics is usually pretty easy but it can be tricky to keep them dry especially during the lockdown as we must wash our hands more frequently than usual. In order to keep soaps and shampoo bars longer, it is important to allow them to dry between 2 washes. The best is to store them on a soap dish and away from water.

Use what you have

You probably already have a soap dish integrated in your shower or received one as a gift years ago. Don't use a small dish with no draining system as the water cannot go away completely and get your beauty product quickly mushy.

Do it yourself

An easy trick I've discovered on Instagram a few months ago but unfortunately I can't find it anymore. Just take a tea box's lid and 2 elastics. Ta-da!

You can empty the lid to remove water or even make a hole.

Invest in an eco-friendly soap dish

Wooden Draining Soap Dish - Wild Atlantic Wood


Wild Atlantic Wood is a home-based business in West Cork, Ireland. Soap dishes are designed and made by the owner, Richard Mc Inerney. It is important to note that he uses wood from sustainable sources and constantly reduce use of plastic. Orders are shipped in recyclable packaging.

Oval Soap Tray - Alentejo Azul


Alentejo Azul is a small business based in the south west of Portugal and they work mainly with olive wood, cork and slate stone, all from local sources. They also make furniture.

  • Material: Cork

  • Price: €10.00

  • Where to buy? Etsy

Concrete Soap Dish - Ausflug


Thomas Poganitsch makes and designs soap dishes with a minimalist design in Vienna.

High-quality concrete is a beautiful material and the two-part soap dish will look stunning in your bathroom.

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