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How to Keep Your Reusable Wipes and Face Cleansing Cloths Longer?

A beginner's guide to washing and caring for makeup remover pads

Reusable fabric pads and face cloths have so many benefits.

They are cheaper in the long run, more gentle to the skin, last for years, easy to use, reusable/washable and of course more sustainable. It's even better when they are made locally from eco-friendly fabric such as bamboo, organic cotton or hemp.

Thanks to the below tips you can extend their life and avoid buying another set for a long time:

Follow care instructions

Refer to the details available on the label or store's website to wash them properly. Low temperatures are best and a dryer is not needed at all.


When you remove your make-up (especially waterproof mascara), It’s advised to pre-wash the cloth with soap to avoid stains. Then, wash your cloth in the washing machine as usual.

Use sodium percarbonate

Most of them are made with white fabric, meaning they can turn grey after a while. Once a year, I clean my wipes and face cloths with sodium percarbonate (also called oxygen bleach) to whiten the cotton. Add 2 tablespoon in hot water (40 degrees) and leave the items to soak for a few hours or overnight for better results. Sodium percarbonate is activated by hot water.

Rinse well the makeup remover pads and face cloths and then wash them as usual in the washing machine.

It appears sodium percarbonate is not widely available on its own in Ireland. I get mine online on but you can find it on Irish websites:

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Give them a second life

After a few years, they will start to be out of shape but you can use them for other purposes. I bought my first set of makeup remover pads 10 years ago and they began to be too damaged to remove makeup. I did not want to bin them. I have been using these pads to remove nail polish but also to remove henna on my skin when dyeing my hair.

Where to buy makeup remover pads and face muslin cloths?

I hope these tips will help you to keep your cotton pads and face cloths longer. Don't hesitate to share this post on Pinterest!

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