Crash Test: Water Charcoal Filter - After 3 Months

Charcoal Stick - A Sustainable Water Filter

Plastic-Free And Affordable

In February, I used the charcoal filter for the 1st time after filtering water with Brita filters for years. A post about this was written after 24 hours of use (here) but what do I think of it after 3 months of use?

I kept the Brita jug in case I would go back to the former system but I am glad it was not needed, I am still happy about the charcoal stick. It is a great alternative to save money and of course, there is less plastic involved, especially if you have a glass bottle. On top of it, you really see what you use to filter your water: charcoal, nothing else.  

With mainstream filters such as the Brita and Bobble ones, the water is filtered straight away. However, with the charcoal filter, it is required to wait for at least an hour so you need to be a bit organized. We now have a system at home as you can see on the above picture: 1 bottle with the charcoal stick and 2 other bottles with the water ready to be drunk. We have 2 bottles in advance to allow the water to be cleaned gently in the 1st bottle. Obviously, it perfectly works in theory as it happens that someone forgets to fill up the 1st bottle before we run out of filtered water. And no, it is not an excuse to open a bottle of wine in the meantime :) After 3 months, I boiled the stick for 10 minutes as required. It was about time to do it as the water seemed fresher after this step. The taste was definitely better. I will probably left the charcoal stick in the soil for my plants after 6 months of use.

Overall, I am really happy about it and it is planned to buy a new stick in August. What do you use to filter water?

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