Crash Test: Water Charcoal Filter

In a recent post, I briefly talked about the water charcoal filter and after a quick survey on Instagram, it appears that 56% of people who replied did not know the product. I used my last Brita filter so I've tried for the first time the charcoal stick yesterday. I bought mine in Dublin, the brand is Box Appetit by Black & Blum but I am sure there are other brands. Let's see how it goes after 24 hours of use...

How to use Charcoal sticks?

As you can see on the above pictures, the charcoal filter can be used up to 6 months but you just need to boil it for 10 minutes after 3 months to clean the stick. After 6 months, the filter can be reused as a deodorising  (in your shoes for example), you can also put it in the soil,...

I opened the packaging yesterday and put the stick directly into a glass bottle (from Aldi but I've seen nice ones with a cork lid in Ikea, you can also buy the branded bottle but it is more expensive). There is no need to wash the stick. After checking Black & Blum website, I've realised it is advised to fill up the bottle first to avoid any breakages. Well, now I know.  

It is not possible to use the charcoal with flavoured waters, fruit infusions or tea. Also, you have to wait for at least an hour before drinking the water (see above picture on the left). I will probably put the "good water" into another jug and fill up again the bottle with the charcoal to ensure I always have enough water ready to be drunk.

After a few hours, I was ready to test the water. I've noticed no change of colour and no weird black things in the water but according to the brand it might happen and there is no harm to swallow a bit of fragments, on the contrary if you have tummy issues ;) 

Charcoal Sticks Vs. Brita filters

After a few glasses, it seems the water tastes better that Brita's, however, my partner noticed no difference. It appears the charcoal can release calcium, magnesium and iron which is great for our health and maybe enhances the taste.  

Pros of using the water charcoal filter: - no plastic (except the packaging). - the price: 5.95E for 6 months (Stock store's price) vs 39.99E for 6 Brita filters (Maxtra 6 pack, Arnott's price). - Easy to use. - Secondary uses after 6 months. - The taste seems better.

Cons: - The packaging is made out of plastic. - It needs to be left alone for at least an hour.

Just to remind you that the review is made after 24 hours only so let's see after a few months if I am still happy with it.

What do you use to filter the water? What do you think of the charcoal stick?

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