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The Many Benefits of Aloe Vera For Your Health, Skin and Hair

organic Aloe Vera Plant

A "Plant of Immortality" Full of Antioxidants

Aloe Vera belongs to Asphodelaceae (Liliaceae) family and is a succulent plant that grows mainly in dry regions all over the world. Called by the ancient Egyptians the “plant of Immortality”, Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis leaf) is one of the most common natural ingredients used in cosmetics and works well with sensitive or irritated skin types. Among other active constituents, the plant contains antioxidants thanks to vitamins A, C & E, fatty acids and hormones with anti-inflammatory effects.

Colour: Colourless to slightly yellow-brown. Odour: slightly acidic. Extraction Method: From the pulp of the inner leaf.

vegan and cruelty-free aloe vera gel

Benefits for your health: - Helps in the treatment of skin ulcers, canker sores and genital herpes. - Can treat cysts, wounds, diabetes. - Laxative effects. - Antiseptic effects.

Benefits for your skin: - Stimulates collagen production.

- Can be used to treat skin problems (psoriasis, dermatitis, sunburn, acne).

- Keeps the skin hydrated.

- Reduces itching.

- Antiseptic properties.

- Makes the skin smooth and elastic.

Benefits for your hair: - Fights against dandruff. - Purifies the scalp. - Moisturising effect. - Helps to control frizzy hair. - Get your hair shiny and strong.

These properties, benefits and method of use are given for information; they can not in any way constitute or substitute for medical information that only health professionals can dispense. ​For any use of essential oils or other ingredients for therapeutic purposes, please consult a doctor.

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