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6 Ways to Buy Sustainable Clothing Online

Eco-conscious brands and apps to avoid Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion is not kind to animals, their factory workers or the planet and this is not a secret.

We cannot buy a €2 shirt and believe the employees involved in the manufacturing process were paid fairly. However, spending €200 on an eco-friendly organic linen skirt made in a small business in Europe is not possible for everyone. It is obviously best to use what we already have, repair what can be repaired, swap clothes with friends and only buy what we need. In this post, I share with you online stores and apps to get clothes from the safety of your home & for all budgets.


While Vinted is not available in Ireland, we have Depop. There is something for everyone and for all budgets: a vintage designer necklace, second-hand Diesel jean's or unworn with tag Penneys shoes. All payments are made with PayPal and you can arrange a collection in town with the seller but it is advised to get the item sent with a tracking number as you will be covered by PayPal in case something goes wrong. I buy & sell on this platform and never had any issues with other members. Don't hesitate to contact sellers to ask questions or to get more pictures.

Quick update (08/05/2022): My second-hand clothes are not selling great on this app anymore and I needed to declutter my wardrobe so I've used another app available in Ireland and in the UK called Nuw.

Instead of selling your clothes, you swap them in a few steps: when a Nuw user requests your item, you receive a coin (either a silver or a gold one, depending on the value of your item). You just need to arrange shipping with the other user (who will pay for postage). Once the transaction is complete, you can use the coin to request an item (with a matching value, silver or gold) of your choice when you want and from any user. As I don't need new clothes or shoes at the moment, I keep collecting coins and will use them when necessary. Items can also be borrowed, perfect when you want to wear a beautiful dress for an event but don't want or can't spend a lot in it.

Slow fashion order Plastic Free Shipping

Vestiaire Collective

On a budget but love Stella McCartney brand? Vestiaire Collective is for you! Counterfeit products can be a plague online and you don't want to spend your savings on a beautiful bag to finally receive a knock off. When you sell or buy through this website, the item will go first to the company where they will assess if the product is genuine. Items are mainly pre-owned but you can select the condition of the product you are looking for: from never worn with tags to fair condition. It is also possible to select the sellers' countries. I haven't bought anything yet but as a seller, it is very convenient to have the shipping company going to your house or workplace to collect the item. If you plan to sell, keep in mind their commission is between 15% and 25%. It is however understandable as the shipping and authentication are included.

Minuit Sur Terre

This small business established in Bordeaux, France offers vegan shoes, bags and accessories made in Portugal. Their products are gorgeous and sustainability paramount. They recently announced on Instagram the launch of their first range of recycled jumpers!

For those with a lower budget, they also created a side website - Aurore Sur Terre - where they sell their pre-loved products (returns from customers or briefly worn during a photoshoot). I've recently bought a pair of black trainers, and they are gorgeous! They cost me €65, shipping included.

Organic Basics

This Danish company is famous for its underwear products made with organic cotton or Tencel. Tencel is a sustainable fibre made out of sourced wood pulp from central European forests. They also make leggings, shirts, shorts, Yoga clothing for women and men. The products are ethically made in factories in Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Austria and Turkey. I bought a few years ago 2 bras: the Tencel lite bralette (€55) and the organic cotton triangle bra (€40). The design is minimalist and the items comfy. They recently added 2 more colours: dusty rose and ochre. I am very satisfied with the quality of their products and placed a new order in 2021.

Do You Green

Do you Green (DYG) is a French company offering pinewood underwear and clothing. The products are made in Tunisia but the fabric is from France. Since 2018, I've been wearing their wireless bras. They are very comfortable and the colours are stunning.

Good on You

This app evaluates how fashion brands are ethical to people, animals and the planet. A great app when you discover a new (online) store or you want to make sure your favourite brand is eco-friendly. It is wise to check again brands are some companies are trying to improve their sustainability. They also know that offering ethical products is important for more consumers.

Get the app here

I hope this article will help you to buy sustainable clothes online. Keep in mind I've talked about websites I personally use and trust. Don't hesitate to suggest to me environmental friendly online brands!

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