5 Beauty Products I've discovered in 2019!

Zero-Waste Razor

Hello there! Hope you had a nice Christmas and you had some rest! I know I said earlier this year that I would write more blog's posts but let's face it, I completely failed. Anyway, I would like to share with you 5 beauty products I've discovered in 2019!

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Cruelty-Free and Vegan Beauty Products

Sukin Sunless Bronzing Gel

I wanted to tan my skin this year without burning my skin. Such products are new to me so I cannot compare this gel with other products. Sukin is a really good Australian brand with which I share many values: sustainability, non-toxic ingredients and animal welfare.

Sukin Sunless Bronzing Gel

Indeed, the product is vegan, cruelty-free and below you can see that they use natural and non-toxic ingredients. I've used the data available on The Truth About Cosmetics and only 1 ingredient is satisfying, the others being good or very good.

It's recommended to use it every day until you are happy with the colour but I apply it once a week for a natural tan. For best results, it is advised to exfoliate your skin before. The gel is a bit liquid so you have to be careful when you open it and avoid squeezing the tube. I have to say I struggled the first two times as I did not apply the bronzing gel evenly and ended up with vanilla/chocolate arms! I am now more careful and manage to apply a thin layer everywhere. The gel is not greasy, dries quickly and the smell is pretty pleasant. Unfortunately the packaging cannot be recycled in Ireland so I will send it to Terra Cycle once it's over as they offer a recycling program for such products.

Size: 200ml

Price: £14.95 | €17.60

Where to buy: Sukin website

Naked Necessities Wood Razor

We all use many razors in our life between the disposables razors and the ones we have to stop using anyway as the compatibles blades are not available anymore. On top of it they are all made of plastic and cannot be recycled. Zero-waste razors were on my list for a while but I was too afraid to cut myself. They are also more expensive than the standard ones but we have to keep in mind that the blades are available everywhere and with a good price. Also, the razor is pretty sturdy, made of metal with sometimes a handle made out of wood - better quality than most of the plastic razors. It is good to mention there is often a small strip next to the blade to protect the skin on mainstream razors and they can be too harsh for sensitive skin. Hence, double-edged razors can be a good option.

Zero-Waste Razor

Before buying the product, I've watched a few videos to make sure I wouldn't harm myself and also had a talk with a friend of mine who has been using double-edged razors for years. I decided to buy the razor from Naked Necessities and was impressed by their lovely and plastic-free packaging. I was able to place the blade easily and was ready to shave my legs. I remembered not to apply any pressure on the skin and here you go, not a single cut. My legs are pretty smooth! It is advised to change the blades once a month. You can use your usual shaving product but I personally use organic avocado oil or the Orange & Patchouli Soap.

Colours: Brown, Blue.

Price: From €26

Where to buy: Naked Necessities | Green Outlook

Beauty Kitchen Eye Lift and Lumination Serum

I've discovered this UK company this year and they recently improve their packaging to get a more sustainable one. They also have a return/refill/repeat program: once you finish your product, you can send it to the company if you live in the UK or drop off your beauty products in Holland & Brarrett stores (available in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Belgium). Beauty kitchen will clean the packaging and refill it.

I've been using this product for 2 months now on a daily basis, usually in the morning. The appearance of frown line in between my eyebrows has been reduced. Also, I can feel the skin is firmer as soon as I apply the serum.

As you can see in the below pictures, there are many natural ingredients in this product and all with a good notation.

The serum is made from many active ingredients such as green tea, caffeine, chamomile, pomegranate and algae extracts. However, I was not able to find the himanthalia elongata (Thongweed) extract in The Truth about Cosmetics' database but according to Wikipedia, it's a brown algae also called sea spaghetti.

Size: 30ml

Price: From €11.24

Where to buy: Holland & Barrett - Beauty Kitchen does not offer this product anymore on their website (Update: 26/01/2021).

Handmade Face Powder with 3 Clays

Earlier this year, I finished my face powder and I did not want to buy a new product but make one instead. The French company Aroma-Zone offers many recipes on their website so I had a look and found the perfect recipe for fair skin: simple, quick, affordable and minimal waste. You need 5 ingredients: Kaolin (white) clay, red clay, pink clay, cornstarch and vanilla aromatic extract. I did not use the last one as I don't mind if the powder does not smell anything. I've reused a jar to reduce waste and find the powder really good for oily skin. Indeed, the clay absorbs impurities and excess oils. The product lasts at least 3 months.

Handmade Face Powder

I've bought the clays on Aroma-Zone website but unfortunately they offered in plastic pouches which cannot be recycled. The company is working on reducing plastic and they now sell product such as baking soda in paper bags. I hope the clays will be sold in paper pouches soon. In the meantime, Naissance in the UK uses compostable bags for their kaolin clay. You can find the recipe here in French but it is possible to translate it with google translate of course.

Size: 20g

Price: €0.20 for 20g (without the small jar) / €15.65 for the 5 ingredients on aroma-zone

Where to buy: Aroma-Zone

Puro Bio Cosmetics Foundation

A few months ago, I purchased foundation from Puro Bio Cosmetics on Ecco-Verde website. I chose this product for many reasons: affordable, good quality (I've used products from this brand in the past and was happy with my purchases), vegan, cruelty-free, compact and minimal waste. It can be challenging to find a foundation with natural ingredients. The data from The Truth About Cosmetics was useful again - Propanediol can be either good or not as it depends on its source. Also, it was not possible to find the following ingredient in the database: Vigna Aconitifolia Seed Extract, which is a pulses from India.

Pure Bio offers refills in order to avoid buying the packaging you already have or you don't want. I stock my foundation, eye shadows and eyebrow in a make-up palette - convenient when you travel or when your bathroom is small.

Puro Bio Compact Fondation

In order to increase the coverage, it is possible to apply more layers or to apply a BB cream first. A small sponge is included with the foundation but I currently use a brush, hence, I cannot say yet if one is better than the other.

Size: 9g

Price: €11.89 (refill) | €13.89 (with the packaging)

Where to buy: Ecco-verde

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