20 Cool Items Made From Wood

How great is it when you discover cool items made from wood?!

The joy is even higher when it is made by a local business.

Bow tie The Etsy store LaaFashion* offers stylish wooden bow ties. These bow ties are handmade with natural wood and from Ukraine. My favourite is definitely this one*.  If you plan to attend a wedding soon, don't hesitate to check their Etsy store.

Cufflinks Another must-have for a nice wedding, the wooden cufflinks. You can contact Showstoppersupplies* and ask for personalised cufflinks*. They are based in London and use sustainable walnut wood. 

Flesh tunnels/plugs HolzDesignGermany* makes pretty cool wooden plugs! We don't see enough wooden or stoned plugs/tunnels so this store is a lovely discovery. You chose the diameter, the type of wood (which is renewable). They will then craft your plugs/ tunnels in Rottenburg an der Laaber. Your unique pieces of jewellery are shipped in a gift box with an alcohol pad to disinfect them.

Glasses I've spotted for the 1st time wooden glasses in 2016 when I was travelling in New Zealand (yeah, I haven't travelled for a while so let me brag a bit please hehe) but after I regretted that I did not purchase them as they were so cool. A few weeks ago, I discovered that an Irish company crafts similar glasses: Raw Roots. Hurray!! No needs to buy wooden glasses from far away or plastic glasses from Penneys (which are probably made in China so from far away anyway). Their glasses are handmade, polarised, made from sustainable & ethically grown hardwoods. I don't need more sunglasses for now but I would definitely go for these ones.

Lamps We've all seen wooden lamps, nothing new here but the designer Paul Foeckler (Split Grain) makes fine art light sculptures and it is stunning! This is definitely not the price of an Ikea lamp but of a handmade illuminated piece of art. They are made from reclaimed wood in California.

Mac book cover With Thewoodwe*, you can order a wooden cover for your Mac Book*. The cover is made in Germany but the company is based in Lithuania. It's manufactured from genuine wood and the wood veneers are certified by FSC & PEFC. They also offer wooden Mac keyboards and iPhone cases. 

Mechanical Safe Ugears was created in Ukraine by the technical designer Denis Okhrimenko in 2014 but now are available in Ireland with Vimster Ltd in Galway. The company offers unique 3D puzzles. The safe is made from eco-friendly plywood and the estimated time of assembly is 6/7 hours.

Speakers Portmanteau Stereo Co was founded in Vancouver and manufactures Rock it logs speakers. The Bluetooth portable speaker is made from reclaimed wood. It will go nicely with your Split Grain lamp ;)

USB Memory stick We all have this ugly and/or impersonal USB flash drive at home. Ewartwoods* in Latvia sells handmade USB stick* on Etsy. You can choose the size, type of wood and as an option, an engraving. Can be great as a gift for your loved ones or yourself.

Wallet Resso* crafts wooden wallets* in Portugal. They use Ziricote wood and you have the product personalised.

Do you have amazing wooden items at home or do you plan to buy some? Hope you like this post, it was the opportunity for me to discover great businesses and creative people in Europe but also in North America. 

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