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Testimonials - Handcrafted & Natural Cosmetics

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I am so happy and proud when I receive feedback, social media comments, or reviews. I have faith in my cosmetics and use them every day, but don't take my word for it, check the below testimonials instead!

"I really enjoy using the shampoo bar. And the packaging is comes in is beautiful x" Karen K.
"What a beautiful a smelling product. From the packaging through to the handwritten note you can immediately appreciate the attention to detail and care that has gone into this" Max
"Fantastic products! I absolutely recommend them!" Linda L.
“I was sceptical at first to try the shampoo bars. Because I have very long hair and thought it would take a long time to rub it in. But Justine's shampoos they lather and foam very quickly I was so surprised. It left my scalp clean and refreshed too. Would definitely recommend.” Dajana M.
“Delighted to have found an Irish made shampoo bar. Love the Orange & Spearmint Shampoo, it has a very good lather and my hair feels soft & nourished, plus the smell is gorgeous. I also bought the reusable cotton pads, once you try these you’ll use nothing else, they are so soft and the size is just right. Thanks for making these Justine : )” Lilly and Bright
"the purchase was for a vegan friend. She loved it. Got great compliments especially about the foam. Thanks a million, Justine" Berengere
“First time using a shampoo bar and I loved it! My hair didn't feel dry afterwards and it smelled amazing. The face soaps are also divine! Everything was packaged beautifully and fully recyclable! So lovely to find a local producer whose products are vegan and cruelty free!” Sarah M.
“I absolutely love Justine's shampoo bars. I have used many over the years but these ones are my favourite. The tea tree has been so good for my scalp and leaves my hair really shiny and soft, with no residue! Also Justine is so nice to deal with and my orders always come in super time. I couldn't recommend her enough x” Aisling W.
“Love the tea tree solid shampoo! I had been using another brand of Irish-made, palm oil-free shampoo bar, but found it too waxy to get my hair feeling clean. This one is perfect for my hair, I think it's the apple cider vinegar :) I will be buying again and will try other products from your range. Thank you!” Kathryn C.
“I recently bought the Ylang Ylang shampoo bar. very happy with it. It smelled great and leave my hair soft and smooth. Will come back for more. 👍👍” Cynthia Z.
“Great shampoos and face soaps! Amazing scents and hydrating!” Alba V.
“I love Justine's soaps, they smell divine and give you a smooth skin. The soap shampoos are amazing, they leave your hair extra clean and shiny! Justine never failed delivery and always packs her soaps in recycled boxes and paper to reduce waste.” Maud A.
“Justine’s products are high quality fantastic products that I keep recommending to everyone! I have tried many products like the charcoal soap, the reusable cotton pads and the solid shampoos and everything have exceeded my expectations! I personally loved the solid shampoos as I really felt and saw the difference after only a few uses! I have a stock of Justine’s products at home that I can’t wait to use!” Blandine R.
“I have bought several soaps and shampoo bars from Justine Le Guil. I absolutely love them. They smell wonderful and my skin and hair love them. They are all natural, vegan and packed in paper, which is even better.” Nadine G.
“I got the Orange and Spearmint shampoo from Justine .. firstly it smells so nice and fresh.. there is also matcha powder in it which I felt it left my hair very clean, nourished and protected.. my boyfriend has dermatitis in his scalp and he finds this shampoo very soothing and calming were other shampoos would leave his scalp dry and irritated.. Thank you Justine for such an amazing product 💕.. also there is no waste and so handy for travelling 🙂” Peti D.
“I've been using solid shampoo for 5 years and I finally found an amazing solid shampoo that is made with great ingredients and leave your hair clean and fresh. Can't recommend enough the Orange and spearmint, love the smell. Can't wait to try the other one. Thanks a lot!!” Amelie G.
“I recently bought Justine's charcoal facial soap and one of her shampoo bars and I absolutely love them! My skin and hair feel and look great after using them for about two months and I still look forward to showering because of how beautifully scented they are! Justine's service was exceptional too - I had my order really quickly after ordering and they were really nicely packaged too. I look forward to trying out more of Justine's products in the near future!” Feefa D.
“I purchased the Lavender shampoo and orange and patchouli soap and it was just the perfect purchase. The soap made my skin so soft and smelling so good. And the shampoo was just amazing. It leaves the hair so soft. Proof is, my husband was rubbing my hair and stated i quote “ oh my god your hair is so soft, they are even softer than your skin “ 😂
Thank you Justine for your advises it was really appreciated.”  Gwen D.
“I love Justine products. Have been using them since a while now and they are super delicate on my sensitive skin. She pays a lot of attention in creating the perfect balance of natural ingredients for different type of skins and taste. I could not recommend her enough!” Grazia S.
“I try different products such as soaps and cleansing cotton pads that are super convenient and take up less space in the toiletry kit, they perfectly cleanse both mascara and foundation! it's easy to wash and at least we do less waste! it's a safe bet and I recommend it to everyone!” Tyfaine J.
“Justine's products are simply amazing, from the package through the smell to how your skin feels renewed after using them. I love all of them, looking forward to the new additions 😊” Timea S.
“Great quality product, very quick delivery, delighted with my purchase. Highly recommended!” Bertie O.
“Thank you! I really love your products! They are really amazing on my skin :)” Mia L.
“Very good product, very nice perfume!” Valentin L.
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