About Our Small Irish Business & Our Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

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Justine Le Guil Cosmetics

Justine Le Guil is a small business based in Dublin, Ireland.

We do not test our shampoo bars, skincare & hair accessories on animals and will never do so. In order to provide you with the best handcrafted cosmetics, we use the finest organic and natural ingredients.

We strongly believe our business should be:

Environmentally conscious - We are working hard to reduce our environmental impact by using eco-friendly packaging and prioritizing Irish, UK & EU suppliers. Additionally, we try to re-use packaging as much as possible when we pack your order, ensuring that it meets our quality standards.

Ethical - Our skincare and haircare products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Innovative - Based on our experience and knowledge, we design every cosmetic carefully and diligently, and we take pride in only releasing products that we use ourselves. We don't share a product until we are 100% satisfied with it.

Justine le Guil's cosmetics are currently available online here.

About the owner
My skin and my hair have been sensitive for quite some time and I used cosmetics with too harsh ingredients. I started making my own cosmetics a few years ago, to see if it was possible to make beauty products I could enjoy and that would also agree with me. As well as meeting my standards, it also needed to be as natural and ecologically responsible as possible. Some of these designs are now being shared through my business, offering cruelty-free cosmetics that are gentle on the skin, hair, the planet and all its inhabitants, from raw materials to packaging.