Vegan & Cruelty-Free Soap bar and solid shampoo bar.

Vegan & Cruelty-Free Soap bar and solid shampoo bar.


Grapefruit & Rosemary Shampoo

With Organic Spirulina Powder, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil, Organic Rosemary Essential Oil.

Ylang Ylang Shampoo

With Organic Shikakai Powder, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Castor Oil and Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.

Tea Tree Shampoo

With Organic Tulsi Powder, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Neem Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil and Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Vegan & Cruelty-Free Luxury Cosmetics Handmade With Natural and Organic Ingredients. Small Batches Made in Ireland.  

© 2018 - 2020 by Justine le Guil - Handcrafted and Natural Cosmetics  - Dublin, Ireland. Photographs: Antoine B.

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